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Founded in 2011, we are experts in UX/UI and software development for digital projects.

Combining agile methodology for creative and production strategies with project management and development experience, we work with major brands in Brazil and US markets, such as global and local players in the advertising industry.

Through BASE Labs, our innovation spin-off, we are investors and partners of Brazilian and US based start-ups oriented to Education (Talent Camp) and Health (Selectivor).


Marcos Rasta
CEO & Founder
Entrepreneur and strategist with deep experience in digital products and project management.
Guilherme Corsetti
COO & Founder
Electrical Engineer, expert project manager focusing on the cycle/dynamics of software production.
Gustavo Bremm
Founder & Senior Developer
Mathematician, musician and pioneer of new technologies for software development.
Rafael Busetti
Founder & Senior Developer
Software Engineer, specialist in front and back-end production for web and mobile.
Cezar Rodrigues
Founder & Senior Developer
Aeronautical Scientist, specialist in system integrations, back-end and hosting.
Marcelo Halpern
Designer, Researcher and Professor, focusing on strategy and experience of corporate and new digital products.
Felipe Oliveira
Sales Manager
Advertiser and producer, communication marketing specialist in Sao Paulo.
Jonatas Fazenda
Senior Project Manager
Systems analyst and back-end/mobile developer.
Jackson Wolff
Full Stack Developer
Professor and front/back-end developer dor web and mobile.
Fernando Maciel
Senior UX
Advertising veteran and specialist user experience innovation, prototypes and functional specs.
Lia Fernandes
Project Manager
Specialist in coordination and follow-up of the development flow and QA of digital products.
Deni Cristian
Full Stack Developer
Focused on front-end, specialist on web and mobile applications, and new technologies enthusiast.
Leonardo Carey
Full Stack Developer
focused on front-end. Specialist in responsive and mobile web development.
Adão Santos
Full Stack Developer
Focused on PHP, Android Native e Ionic development.
Marcus de Oliveira
Front-end Developer
Develops web and mobile responsive applications, focused on UX, motion and performance.
Jackson Souza
Intern Developer
Focused on front-end web responsive development.
Grégori Sória
Full Stack Developer
Focused on web and mobile front and back-end production.
Diego Andreola
Advertiser focused on UX and UI.