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We call "LABS" all product initiatives that were born in BASES’ ecosystem. It is our startup DNA, anchored by experience in digital business, entrepreneurship, technology and, most important, real delivery capability. Currently, there are 3 products, in different stages of maturity, stockshare and range of investment, in the US and Brazilian markets.

  • Selectivor: Food & Health segment startup.
  • Agenda Escoteira: Education segment startup.
  • Talent Camp: Education segment startup.

  • Are you a startup company that has already invested and need help to deliver a MVP or evolve your product? Contact us.
    How we eat together
    A simpler way to organize our eating preferences, share with others and find common foods we all enjoy.
    Agenda Escoteira
    A calendar platform for Scout Groups to manage all communication process among youth, adult volunteers and parents.
    Knowledge Challenge
    A new way to train, empower and encourage your sales team, company employees and students.