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Founded in 2011, originally as a technology production company for advertising market, BASE offer services which includes consultancy, planning, creation and execution of Digital Transformation projects, through non-theoretical agile methodologies, focusing on the delivery of products and digital experiences in many formats (as apps, platforms, system integrations, etc.).

Our team has professionals specialized in Products, Project Management, UX, UI, Systems Engineering, DevOps and Developers.


Entrepreneur and strategist with deep experience in digital products and project management.
Founder & CCO
Electrical Engineer, expert project manager focusing on the cycle/dynamics of software production.
Gustavo Bremm
Founder & Lead Developer
Software Engineer with specialization on Computational Mathematics and focused on frontend technologies
Rafael Busetti
Founder & Senior Developer
Software Engineer, specialist in front and backend production for web and mobile.
Cezar Rodrigues
Founder & Senior Developer
Aeronautical Scientist, specialist in system integrations, back-end and hosting.
CPO (Chief Product Officer)
Designer, Researcher and Professor, focusing on strategy and experience of corporate and new digital products.
Jonatas Fazenda
Project Manager
Project Manager, Systems analyst and, just for fun, back-end/mobile developer.
Laura Knorr
Project Manager
Specialist in project management, production, QA and digital products delivery.
Fernando Kobaia
Project Manager
Cyber Security Bachelor, new technologies enthusiast with SEO techniques and project management expertise
Nathália Carletti
Office Assistant
Designer and Scout Volunteer, responsible for Porto Alegre offices' administrative routines.
Nicolas Peter
Digital Designer
Designer, focused on UX/UI concept and production for web (desktop/mobile) and apps.
Pedro Cramer
Designer, focused on UX/UI concept and production for digital interfaces.
Mário Klein Jr.
Full Stack Developer
Software engineer, backend/mobile specialist and DevOps enthusiast.
Jackson Wolff
Full Stack Developer
Innovator, professor and front/backend developer for web and mobile.
Adão Santos
Full Stack Developer
System Architect, focused on PHP, Android Native and Ionic apps coding.
Deni Cristian
Full Stack Developer
New technologies enthusiast, focused on frontend and specialist on web/mobile applications.
Leonardo Carey
Full Stack Developer
Specialist in frontend, focused on web/mobile app development.
Grégori Sória
Full Stack Developer
Front and backend developer, focused on web and mobile front and backend production.
Filipe Petitemberte
Full Stack Developer
Fullstack developer, focused on web and mobile front and backend production.
Jackson Souza
Full Stack Developer
Fullstack developer, focused on web and mobile front and backend production.
José Brognoli
Backend Developer
Backend developer, focused on web and mobile PHP coding.
Roberto Machado
Frontend developer, focused at HTML/CSS/JS coding.

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