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Strengthening relationships with carpenters
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Strengthening the brand and relationships with carpenters

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The Customer

Duratex is a leader in the wood cladding and paneling market, with a wide range of products ranging from furniture and civil construction to interior design. The Dexco group is one of the largest conglomerates in the sector, with operations in several countries around the world.




Duratex wanted to create a loyalty program for carpenters, with the aim of strengthening its relationship with them and encouraging the use of company products. The challenge was to create a platform that could manage the entire process of registering carpenters, scoring purchases, redeeming prizes, and interacting with the brand.




BASE Digital was a strategic partner to create Clube Duratex, an exclusive loyalty platform for carpenters, which allows them to accumulate points according to their purchases of the company’s products. The accumulated points could be exchanged for exclusive prizes, such as tools, training courses and other benefits that add value to carpentry businesses.

The platform also offers a control panel for managing marketing campaigns aimed at registered carpenters, such as special promotions and product launches. This allows Duratex to segment its campaigns according to the needs of each user group, making communication more effective.



Project Highlights

Clube Duratex is a true success, strengthening the company’s brand and relationship with carpenters. The platform also allows Duratex to collect valuable data on the purchasing behavior of carpenters, so that it can be used to improve its business and develop new sales strategies.

Benefits for carpenters, business data for Duratex

Clube Duratex
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