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Electrolux Cuida

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Service Platform
Service platform streamlines processes

Easier customer service, business data for Electrolux

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The Customer

Electrolux is the second largest manufacturer of home appliances in the world and is a global reference for innovative products with superior design, facilitating the daily lives of customers.



The challenge

Electrolux’s challenge was to streamline internal customer service processes to offer increasingly better services and experiences to its customers. The platform is part of this digital transformation scenario that the industry is going through.




BASE developed Electrolux Cuida, a customer relationship platform that brings together all essential services: SAC channels, registration of purchased products to access warranty information, technical assistance and software updates, scheduling technical visits, and much more.



Project highlights

The benefits of the project are many and go beyond improving customer relationships. The platform also helps Electrolux to collect and analyze data about its products and customers, allowing the company to make more strategic and assertive decisions regarding the development of new products, marketing campaigns and customer service strategies. This, in turn, helps the company remain competitive in an increasingly competitive market and adapt to market changes with greater agility and efficiency.

A streamlined and simple to use platform, like Electrolux products

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