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Raízen Energia

Institutional Website
Website for the global bioenergy giant

Institutional website solution for the global bioenergy giant


The Customer

Raízen is the 4th largest company in Brazil according to the Valor 1000 ranking – a world leader in biofuels and a global reference for sustainability.




Think of a company with more than 30,000 employees. Also think about how many customers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders access the portals of a company this size to obtain market information, find out about different products, schedule appointments, and get their questions answered. The challenge was to design a scope that covered the journeys of all personas involved with the brand, with a UX and SEO strategy to ensure good organic performance and an optimized browsing experience.




We developed the Raízen Institutional website and the websites for Raízen Lubricants and Raízen Energy business units, the corporate blog, as well as the AWS hosting infrastructure, while implementing improvements.



Project Highlights

Custom design and architecture, UX and UI designed for all personas involved with the brand, SEO strategy from sitemap conception.

Sleek design, optimized for organic performance

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