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Oncoclínicas Group

Website for the largest oncology group in Latin America


The Customer

Grupo Oncoclínicas is the largest oncology group in Latin America, with more than 130 units throughout Brazil, offering integrated services of excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


The challenges

BASE Digital was hired with the challenge of, in 5 months, building a product that reflected some of the main objectives of the group: a website that would be a content reference in the area in which the group operates, a gateway to the digital services of the network and care for doctors and patients in the group, as well as bringing the history and size of the group when dealing with institutional issues.



A complex project, delivered within the expected scope and in constant improvement through the maintenance and support team of BASE DIGITAL, integrated into the daily routine of the Oncoclínicas Group.

The Grupo Oncoclínicas portal is now a comprehensive platform, with a high volume of up-to-date information, which serves the company’s different audiences (doctors, patients, suppliers, partners). It has also become the starting point for new digital services by Oncoclínicas, such as the logged-in area platform for doctors and patients, where appointments and exams can be scheduled, teleconsultations performed, medication prescribed and many other functionalities, facilitating the users’ journey and bringing a true digital transformation in the day-to-day of the company.


Project Highlights

The site continuously brings greater engagement from its audiences (doctors and patients), which consequently increases the company’s visibility in organic searches and the relevance of Oncoclínicas in the digital world and in the market as a whole. Additionally, the portal is now the gateway to the company’s digital services.

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