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Facilitating access to information is also part of humanizing care

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The Customer

Oncoclínicas is one of the largest oncology companies in Latin America, with more than 133 units throughout Brazil and a multidisciplinary team specialized in high-quality oncology treatments.




Transforming internal processes – previously 100% manual – to digital is one of the challenges of large companies that undergo digital transformation. This is what we have built together with the marketing and IT teams at Oncoclínicas, in the website login area, which allows physicians and patients to access sensitive information, such as scheduling appointments and teleconsultations, test results and service history.




Users of the website login area can schedule consultations and teleconsultations, view and share test results, access their care history, and receive important notifications and alerts about their health and treatments. With our product squad allocated to the client to develop this area of the website, the result was a real digital transformation in the company’s business model, improving access to information and making service much more efficient.



Project highlights

In addition to making it easy to find information about exams and appointments, the development teams focused on extremely secure technologies to ensure the privacy of patient and physician information, and ensure the website’s availability at all times.

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