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Portal: key element in the communication strategy

Portal as a key part of the positioning and communication strategy


The Customer

The Instituto Ayrton Senna is a non-profit organization that acts as an innovation center, producing and disseminating knowledge through education with public managers and educators throughout Brazil.




The client needed a new solution to meet its high volume of content production, with more autonomy and information security. For an organization focused on producing and disseminating knowledge, a portal is much more than an information database, it is also one of the most relevant positioning and communication strategy channels.




BASE Digital’s institutional website solution delivered a modern and functional product to the client, which allows the Instituto Ayrton Senna to share its programs, projects, research and initiatives with the community and with educators. It serves as a digital showcase to present the values, achievements and positive impact generated by the Institute in the field of education.



Project highlights

A vital channel for the Institution, built following the best UX and SEO practices. By facilitating the management of information and promoting an excellent user experience, the website contributes to strengthening the positive impact of the Institute in the education area, fulfilling its mission of promoting quality education for all.

UX and UI for a more pleasant and intuitive user experience

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