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New Tuper Website

New website as the brand’s strategic tool


The Customer

Tuper is one of the main steel companies in Brazil, serving different markets, such as civil construction, the automotive industry, oil and gas, and agribusiness. It also exports its products to several countries, with a processing capacity of 826 thousand tons of steel/year.




Develop a new website that would reflect the quality and technology of the company’s products, transmitting its image of excellence in the metallurgy sector, while bringing strategic content that would interest users.




The site’s design was carefully crafted to reflect the quality, innovation and differentiation of the company’s products, while celebrating Tuper’s half-century of success.

The website was designed taking into account the importance of design and SEO as a strategic tool to convey brand identity and engage visitors. Detailed usability analyses were carried out, resulting in an intuitive navigation structure that facilitated the location of information and products, improving the user experience. Tuper also implemented a customized content management system (CMS), allowing them to easily update their website with information and news about its products and services.



Project highlights

The site offers a centralized channel for Tuper customers and partners to access important information, such as product catalogues, installation manuals, warranty information and technical support. This streamlines the service process and is constantly improving the customer experience.

Design that reflects quality and innovation

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