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New Website Auto Avaliar

Digital channel that strengthens the company

About the Client

Auto Avaliar is a reference digital platform in the automotive sector, aimed at buying and selling used vehicles. The platform connects 3,500 dealerships and 30,000 multi-brand stores, bringing more speed and transparency to the sales process. Born in Brazil, the company is present in 6 countries.


The Challenge

Modernize the institutional website, which is the gateway to Auto Avaliar’s service platform, offering an improved browsing experience and further strengthening the company’s position in the market.




BASE has focused its efforts on delivering a website with a modern and attractive design, reflecting the brand’s values ​​of innovation. In addition, we worked on reorganizing the content to clearly highlight AutoAvaliar’s service offering, making it easier for users to find relevant information quickly and easily.


Project Highlights

BASE Digital developed the site with SEO optimization in mind, seeking to further improve AutoAvaliar’s organic traffic. With an improved user experience, better online visibility and a strengthened brand image, the new website significantly contributes to AutoAvaliar’s presence in the automotive market.

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